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Every day nearly 20 crore Indians, including children, sleep on an empty stomach. Spending days without food can be extremely difficult but they are left with no choice. You can provide them with a warm & nutritious meal.

Looking at this heartbreaking scenario, our NGO partner Child Help Foundation along with other NGOs and volunteers initiated a fundraiser on Filaantro. This ongoing fundraiser aims to provide nutritious food to underprivileged children.

Today, we provide warm meals to 1,800 underprivileged in different locations across India which includes Delhi, Thane, Mumbai, North Eastern states, Odisha, and Bengaluru.

We would like to increase these numbers and locations with your support. Together we can eradicate hunger and make sure that no child sleeps on an empty stomach.

crowdfunding Platform in india

46.6 Million

India has the maximum number of malnourished children in the world.

crowdfunding Platform in india

69% of death

Due to malnutrition, the death of children below age 5 has been rapidly increased in India.

crowdfunding Platform in india

18 Million

This is the number of children that work on the street, live on the street and eat off-street.

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40% food wasted

More than 40 per cent of food produced is wasted in India every year.

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Crowdfunding Categories

Crowdfunding Categories


crowdfunding Platform in india

"Youth are the pillars of our society and skill development is a must for them. With this Raise To Win event, we have raised more than 1 lakh which will benefit the youth of this Nation. Thank you to all who supported us on this venture."

- Sr Rosaline Pereire (CEO Auxilium Skills Academy)

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"I used to feel sorry when my kids forced me to take them to the beach. The filth on the shore used to stop me from taking them for hangouts to this nearby beach. This was possible by the young volunteers who took up this mission to clean the trash out of the beach. Hats off to them!”

- Ankit (local person who resides near the beach, father of two kids)

crowdfunding Platform in india

"Thank you for feeding me when I was hungry. I have rarely had such delicious food in my life. I feel so happy and full."

- Aakash

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"It is my passion to motivate these little angels. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be with these little ones and be an inspiration. Your help can help us give these children books for reading and drawing which will be additional support for their academics."

- Mr. Priyankush

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"I was so bored during the lockdown, I had no means to enjoy myself at home. Thank you for this Back To School Activity where I cherish the best in colouring the pictures and enjoy it the most."

- Namrada

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"I never saw the girls at Summer Camp Smiling when we had started our interactions. I thought it would be difficult to give menstrual talks and cause them to interact. But to our Surprise with the activities, the girls opened up like never before and associated with us as being one with us. I could see girls holding Sanitary Napkins for the first time in their life and showed their excitement."

- Sendra (Volunteer)

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"I wish to thank Filaantro for supporting my son’s education by raising funds towards the fees of the academic year 2019-2020. My son Ayush can now focus on his studies and build a career which was seeming to be a dream when I faced the financial crisis. I thank you all who have donated and supported me in the time of my need."

- Girish Salunkhe
(Father of Ayush)

crowdfunding Platform in india
"I am thankful to Filaantro for spreading joy and happiness among the seniors living in the house. They had the time of their life in this Christmas season. I wish Filaantro all the best in the future endeavours, raising funds for more selfless deeds and also welcome such events in the future."

- John Matthew
(Founder Trustee of Mercy John Memorial Trust)

crowdfunding Platform in india

"Thank you so much for your help, support and the efforts your team put up in helping us during my father's death crisis."

- Jezreel Daniel

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