White, Yellow Fungus, and Aspergillosis

White, Yellow Fungus, and Aspergillosis

The world was hit by the first wave of the Covid19 virus in the year 2020, and as the spread increased through various countries, it was declared a global pandemic. The first wave infected many people and most of them lost their lives too, but the second wave that hit the world in 2021 has been a brutal one. There is a spike in the number of cases being registered daily and it has affected more people than the first wave in terms of fatality. The virus mainly affects the lungs and the immune system of the affected patients. The use of steroids to stop the inflammation in the lungs increases sugar levels and further weakens the immune system. Due to this, even after a person has recovered from Covid, the weak immune system and high glucose levels can be attacked by different other fungal infections. The majority of these attacks on the immune system of the recovered Covid19  patient can be seen in India due to the excess use of steroids. The first fungal infection, affecting a majority of people, is known as a black fungus. The black fungus was recently declared as an epidemic in more than five states. You can read more about black fungus by clicking the link below:



White fungus

After the black fungus was declared an epidemic in Rajasthan, a couple of days later, cases of a new fungal injection were being registered. This new fungal infection is said to be not as deadly as the black fungus and is known as white fungus. White fungus scientifically named candidiasis is caused by Candida yeast. 


- Cause

It is a common yeast infection that can be seen in the armpits, groin, and skin folds. Candidiasis can become invasive when it enters the bloodstream and overgrows. It can severely affect vital organs like the heart and brain.


- Cure

Initial antifungal treatment is recommended as echinocandin. But, Amphotericin B is generally used to cure invasive Candidiasis.


- Symptoms

              1.Oral thrush

2. Tiredness and Fatigue

3. Recurring genital infections

4. Digestive issues

5. Sinus infection

6. Joint pain

              7. White patches and flakiness in affected areas


- Precautions

1. Cleaning and disinfection of the environment

2. Hand hygiene

3. Check with a doctor if seen any symptoms

Yellow fungus

The first case of yellow fungus was registered in Ghaziabad. A 45-year-old man was detected with 3 types of fungi, black, white, and yellow in Ghaziabad. Yellow fungus is also known as mucor septic and is generally found in reptiles like lizards. Just like black and white fungus, the yellow fungus infects only people with weakened immunity but its mortality rate is higher than black fungus.


- Cause

Unlike other fungi, the spread of the yellow fungus starts internally and goes undetected. The growth of the fungus depends upon the external environment. Consumption of stale food, staying in unventilated rooms or humid rooms, and an unclean environment lead to severe growth of the fungus in the body.


- Cure

Just like black fungus, the only cure for Yellow fungus is Amphotericin B.


- Symptoms

1.Weight Loss

2. Reduced appetite

3. Lethargy

4. Internal puss leakage

5. Organ failure

6. Sunken eyes

7. Low  healing of wounds

8. Necrosis (cell injury)



1. Hygienic lifestyle

2. No consumption of stale food

3. Checking humidity of the room constantly


Aspergillosis is caused by aspergillus, a type of fungal mold naturally present in the environment.



Most of the aspergillus mold grows indoors as well as outdoors. The spores of the mold are present in the air and are inhaled by everyone every day. Among the 180 species of aspergillus, only 40 of them can cause infections to human beings. These molds only affect people with weak immune systems. Ranging from mild to serious effects aspergillus can be differentiated as Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA), allergic aspergillus sinusitis, Aspergilloma, and chronic, pulmonary disease Aspergillosis, Invasive Aspergillosis, cutaneous(skin) aspergillosis. 


It can be severely life-threatening for diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS-affected people, people who have undergone transplants, or are on immunosuppressants.  


- Cure

Aspergillosis can be cured with the medications of Itraconazole, Corticosteroids, Voriconazole, Lipid Amphotericin, posanconazole, caspofungin, and micafungin. In severe cases, the affected tissues have to be removed from the body with the help of surgery. 





2. Shortness of breath

3. Cough 

4. Fever


Allergic Aspergillus sinusitis


2. Headache

3. Runny nose

4. Reduced ability to smell



1. Cough

2. Coughing up blood

3. Shortness of breath


Chronic pulmonary Aspergillosis

1.Weight Loss

2. Cough

3. Coughing up blood

4. Fatigue

5. Shortness of breath


Invasive Aspergillosis


2. Chest pain 

3. Cough

4. Coughing up blood

5. Shortness of breath

6. And other infections depending on the spread


Cutaneous(skin) aspergillosis

1.Skin lesions on the body



1. Wearing masks 

2. Inhaling steam

3. Avoiding touching nose and mouth

4. Maintaining hygienic lifestyle

5. Staying away from garbage, rotting food, and construction sites

6. Taking Antifungal medication


Crowdfunding platforms act as a bridge between people who need help and those who can help. During these tough times of the spread of Covid19, black fungus, white fungus, yellow fungus, aspergillosis, and various other infections these platforms have proved to be helpful and saved hundreds of lives. Not only the infected people but also the needy who are struggling to feed themselves and their families. 


We hope that the spread of the virus and infections get over soon and we get back to our normal safe lives. Stay home. Stay safe.  


“Black, White, Yellow, or Aspergillosis fungus  we just have to hope we get through this tough time together.”


Author : Hritika Singh