‘Raise to Win’ has been planned to motivate every fundraising campaigner and keep them in high spirits during the entire duration of the contest besides rewarding successful fundraisers with cash grants.

The contest is open to both Individuals and NGOs. Infact just about anyone from a NGO wanting to fundraise for a cause to a Filmmaker wanting to fundraise for his next film, to an entrepreneur wanting to fundraise for his seed capital, to a singer wanting to fundraise for his music album, to a student wanting to fundraise for his higher education and anyone wanting to fundraise or personal and medical emergencies can participate in this contest and successfully fundraise and win cash grants.

  1. The one-time registration fee for "Raise To Win" Season 2 is Rs 2,500/- + 18% GST (Rs 2,950/-). Participants registering for "Raise To Win" Season 2" enjoy the following services like Content writing, Email, WhatsApp and text message templates, and access to online fundraising training at no extra cost.

  2. Only donations received on your individual/NGO fundraiser page hosted on the link will be considered for the purpose of the contest.

  3. The user profiles created for the purpose of receiving donations will be reviewed by Filaantro team to check authenticity. Filaantro Online Ventures Pvt Ltd will use all means at its disposal to determine the validity of these email ids/user profiles and reserves the right to disregard any donations from invalid email ids/user profiles.

  4. The donations on the platform can be made only in Indian currency.

  5. Disbursements of all donations received during ‘Raise to Win’ will be done as per the standard disbursement cycles of Filaantro Online Ventures Pvt Ltd.

  6. Donation to an NGO or Individuals from other trusts or foundations shall not be considered towards the contest. These funds, however, will be processed and disbursed to the organization as per the monthly disbursement process.

  7. A refund of the registration fee is there for all active fundraisers who achieve the minimum fundraising target set by Filaantro during the progress of the contest or under exceptional circumstances of the contest being cancelled due to any unforeseen events. Under no other circumstances, the registration fees would be refunded back to the participant. However, all refunds will exclude the GST component charged @ 18%.

  8. The ‘Raise to Win’ Season 2 is open to any individual who wants to raise funds online for any project / venture / cause / hobby / personal interests / medical / personal emergencies and NGO’s who want to fundraise for any causes which are legal in nature and socially beneficial.

  9. The ‘Raise to Win’ contest will include both NGOs as well as Individuals. The ‘Raise to Win’ contest will be for a duration of 45 days from the date of the start of the contest after publishing of the campaigner’s fundraiser on Filaantro

  10. An individual or a NGO has the option of registering multiple campaigns for ‘Raise to Win’ contest by paying a registration fee for each campaign and can even fundraise for multiple campaigns. However, the target amount and the winner will be decided on the basis of each campaign and not on the basis of total contributions received by an individual or NGO in all campaigns.

  11. Any participant exceeding the minimum fundraising target figure of Rs 60,000/- will automatically qualify for cash grants from Filaantro. The grants can be anywhere in the range of Rs 45,000/- to Rs 7,500/- based on the funds raised by the successful campaigners.

  12. The participants will qualify for top-up grants over and above the cash grants received when the fund-raising for the campaign is anywhere between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakhs. The top-up grants can be 5%-20% of the cash grant amount.

  13. Contribution Slab Additional Grants
    Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh 5% over the minimum grant amount.
    Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh 10% over the minimum grant amount.
    Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh 20% over the minimum grant amount.
  14. All the funds accumulated in the fundraisers of all the participants in the ‘Raise to Win’ contest along with the grant support amount for the winners will be transferred to the bank account of the individual participant or the beneficiary account at the end of the contest. The admin fees will not be applicable on the grants but would be applicable on the contributions raised for the campaign by the campaigner. The deductions will include admin fees and payment gateway charges and would not exceed 9.99% of the total contributions. The funds would be transferred to the campaigner as per standard disbursement cycles at the end of the contest period. GST @ 18% would be applicable on all deductions.

  15. Winners would be awarded with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ mentioning their rank and social cause or project. All other participants of ‘Raise To Win’ would be given a “Certificate of Participation” mentioning the Individual’s name and their fundraising cause.

  16. TDS will be deducted if applicable on grants received as per government norms.

  17. The contest can be withdrawn or modified at any point in time based on the decision of the contest management team at Filaantro Online Ventures Pvt Ltd.

  18. The decision of the Filaantro Online Ventures Pvt Ltd team would be final.

  19. All employees, their relatives, suppliers and associates of Filaantro Online Ventures Pvt Ltd cannot participate in the ‘Raise To Win’ contest.