Stand Against Hunger: Save Lives and Give Hope

Stand Against Hunger: Save Lives and Give Hope

Stand Against Hunger: Save Lives and Give Hope

Stand Against Hunger: Save Lives and Give Hope

“हमारी भूख मिटती हैं|”  

“हमे हर बार की तरह अब भूखे पेट नही सोना पड़ता|”

These were the replies from most of the kids when asked how they feel about the warm food. 

We are raising this campaign To End Hunger and Ensure food for all. These hunger awareness campaigns are raised to encourage people to be mindful of what's in front of them on the table, as well as what ends up in the trash.

Many of us have the luxury of eating food whenever we want. And more than that, we have the privilege to choose which kind of food we want to eat. Of course, we work hard for it. 

But there are certain unfortunate people for whom every meal is a question. If paying a little attention, you can see them almost everywhere wandering for food. These are children, adults, and senior citizens that go to bed on empty stomachs. 

Filaantro, along with the Child Help Foundation and Roti Ghar has started a project  Zero Hunger where we provide warm and nutritious meals to 2000 underprivileged children every day in various parts of the country.  

Mr. Chinu Kwatra, the founder of the Khushiyaan Foundation initiated “Roti Ghar” along with Ananta Foundation to eradicate malnutrition among slum children. The sole purpose of this project “Roti Ghar” is to give the slum children access to at least one healthy and nutritious meal in a day and also to teach them health and hygiene and table manners, thus focusing on their overall development.

We waste tons of food every single day but these children are dying because of malnutrition. It is not only our duty but the right thing to build our nation's future. 

This initiative is our bit to the global goal- Zero Hunger of the United Nations to end hunger by 2030. We need your support to continue this project and cater to more children with such meals.

"There are people in the world who are so hungry that God can appear to them except in the form of bread." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Stand Against Hunger: Save Lives and Give Hope

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